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March 26, 2013

Progress Report - The Last Batch

Soon going to run out of ceramics classes for the spring so these were the last little pots and bottles for now.
The one at the back was the last one I threw and the clay was so wet it was wobbling all over. I had a fit of giggles as I was making it since it looked so ridiculous... Also, the one with the uneven top turned upside down just as I was placing it on the board. I tried to make the top into a flower, but it still looks kinda crappy. Oh well. :D

March 19, 2013

Progress Report - More Minipottery

5 hours worth of minis. Once they're dry, they'll go into the kiln. Only 3 more weeks of ceramics classes left. Boohoo. I'm planning to go again when they start again in the autumn. :3

March 17, 2013


Well, this is certainly frustrating. I can't seem to get Pope's faceup right (I've tried twice. Once with just the open-eyed plate and now with both). This time the sleeping face is a little better, but now that I look at either of them, I sort of feel like going in a completely different direction...

To add to my frustration, I couldn't find the white wig (I found one, but it's too small). Also, I desperately need new brushes. It's especially annoying to try to make thin and clean lines in this scale when the bristles are already bending... Anyway, I'll probably take this off again at some point when I can afford new brushes and have more time. Maybe after the move.

March 11, 2013

Sad ceramics.

So yeah, not all that happy with these. I did manage to select a couple that I'm going to send for the Valentine's swap, but yeah... not happy. I was most disappointed that it happened to be one of my favourites that the teacher accidentally broke when I was short on time and she was helping me with the glazes. It's the green fat one in the front. You can see the top looks pretty awful. :(

There are only 4 weeks left. I threw some more mini jars, cups and pots today so I'll have time to make those, and maybe a tiny bit more next time. After that, it's just glazing and the classes are over. I'll miss it. ;_; I'm going to go again as soon as they're offering more courses. I was only just starting to get the hang of throwing miniatures. X'D

March 05, 2013

Khan's chair.

So, here's the chair I've been working on since forever, finally. I also made a coffee table type thing, but there was not enough space in the cabinet for both. I even had to use a box to lift the chair a bit because Khan's legs wouldn't have fitted in otherwise. Maybe some day I'll have somewhere to put this stuff properly, but this will have to do for now.

Progress Report - Oh dear...

I managed to get everything ready for the kiln yesterday but it came pretty close so I had to hurry... I'm afraid the miniature vases, cups and bottles will end up looking crappy because of this. I feel I could have done so much better had I had more time, but I didn't want to wait until next week since there are people still waiting for their Valentine's swap stuff and I feel really bad about it. Then again, I may end up feeling even worse once they're done and don't look very good. I'd like to apologize already beforehand...

I think next time I'm going to press some decorations onto stuff while still soft and just add oxides and a clear glaze. That usually looks all right and takes much less time to do. Hindsight 20/20.

March 01, 2013

Progress Report - Eyes from Ebay, Ceramics on Hold

I sold Pope's eyes a little while back and I've now ordered him a new pair. They're quite different from the last. It will be interesting to see how they fit. I haven't done a lot of doll-related stuff lately, but I'm slowly working on some miniature pottery. Unfortunately the school I've been going to is currently off for a week, so my projects are further delayed. Apparently it also takes quite a bit of time to apply glazing onto tiny tiny vases, bottles and cups... Maybe I'll they'll finally be ready for the kiln next Monday. 

Ystävänpäivävaihto - Valentine's Day Swap

Uuuugh, tämä tulee nyt todellakin myöhässä... FB:n nukkisryhmäläisten keskuudessa oli pienimuotoinen ystävänpäiväswappi, josta sain vastalahjani jo ajat sitten mutten ole muistanut niitä postata. Vielä nolompaa on se, etteivät omat lahjani ole vielä edes lähteneet... (mistä ollaan kyllä onneksi sovittu ja tietoisia. Lähetän ne heti kun saan ne valmiiksi eli tulossa ovat kyllä.)

Nämä ovat siis Marja-Liisan ja Marja-Leenan käsialaa. Nyt olen harmikseni onnistunut sekoittamaan kummat tulivat kummalta, kun nimet olivat niin samankaltaiset ja muistini niin hatara, mutta ovat kaikki todella ihania ja pidin niistä oikein paljon! Kiitokset teille molemmille ja anteeksi vielä tämä viivästely...