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September 21, 2013

Progress Report - Planning a House

This is the current draft. I still haven't measured everything and I have to miss class (it's a workshop type of thing for making doll houses) next week, so actually getting started is still going to take a while... The plan is that it's going to sit on top / between some tree branches like a proper tree house. In case you can't read my scribbles, it's going to be in scale with Ernest (more or less, he's kinda not in any scale) or pukipuki (~11cm tall). Room height around 16cm.

September 19, 2013

Progress Report - Pottery Time!

Ceramics classes have started again. The first batch (5 hrs worth) looks kinda crappy, but oh well... gotta start somewhere. :D

I threw the small stuff off the hump and the bigger thing at the back is the leftover clay at the end of class. It's usually most moist and difficult (with my lacking skills) to work with, so it's a bit lopsided. :'D The other bigger round thing is a giant lingonberry I did during the very first class some weeks back, just to get reacquainted with clay.