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October 22, 2012

Progress Report - Furniture, part 2 & stuff~

The dollhouse furniture project is coming along all right. I've got quite a lot done, but they need some decorative details, so I won't be showing everything just yet. But here's a peek to what I've done the past week or so.

Something for the hall: A wonky shoe shelf and a hat & coat hanger thingy that hasn't got hooks in place just yet.

I got these awesome sticks from a store called Biltema. I used some leftover wax to give them a bit of colour and used them as a floor. All the wallpapering is still to be done. I just haven't been able to pick what I want yet. 

This is the larder. Items still need to be painted and placed appropriately, but it's coming along. There will be even more stuff in there later.

I found these delicious-looking beads. Not sure what I'll be making yet, but I bet it'll be disappointing wonderful!

Joulukalenteriluukkuswappi \o/

Kalenteri on täysi! Kiitos osallistujille. Postittelen tavaraa parin viikon sisällä, luultavasti aiemmin. Ilmoittelen sitten. Jos vielä haluat luukun eikä ole kenen kanssa vaihtaa, voin ottaa muutaman extran. Kelpaa kooltaan hieman isompikin tavara (ks. nuket muissa postauksissa), mutta teen ~1:12 kokoisia vaihtoon (pyynnöstä muutakin kokoa). Toivomuksia saa yhä esittää koon ja aiheen puolesta. Tosin valtaosa luukuista on jo valmiina, joten kovin järisyttävästi niihin ei kohta enää voi vaikuttaa.
(Huom. Kommenteissa on muutes spämmitarkistin, joten älkää ihmetelkö jos ne eivät hetsillään näy!)


1. Varattu Alicelle
2. Varattu Miralle
3. Varattu Kristiinalle
4. Varattu Anitalle
5. Varattu Sarille
6. Varattu Ulricalle
7. Varattu Anitalle
8. Varattu Miralle
9. Varattu Susannalle
10. Varattu Eilalle
11. Varattu Jaana N:lle
12. Varattu Marjutille
13. Varattu Kristiinalle
14. Varattu Jaana N:lle
15. Varattu Kristiinalle
16. Varattu Ulricalle
17. Varattu Merjalle
18. Varattu Sarille
19. Varattu Susannalle
20. Varattu Jaana K:lle
21. Varattu Miralle
22. Varattu Marjutille
23. Varattu Satulle
24. Varattu Jaana N:lle

October 10, 2012

Fabrics and buttons...

I went insane and bought a bunch of gorgeous fabrics from a shop nearby. I even managed to make something out of them.

This was the first haul...

The second somewhat smaller haul.

Here's the third when they had a sale. I went back the next day and bought some more, but didn't remember to take a picture.

I also ordered some buttons. Just a few... Then I sorted them because I'm insane. :p

Some more buttons. My sorting insanity continues. This was an uneven assortment.

Then I made some pillows for the boys.

Mushroom Hunting

We went mushroom hunting some time back. 

Ernest found a chanterelle.

Blueberries are Ernest's favourite. Hence the hugging.

Progress Report - Furniture, part 1

I'm building some 1:12 roomboxes inside a glass-door cabinet. I'm making most of the furniture myself. So far I've got a towel holder, a bookshelf, a kitchen cabinet, a dining table and chairs, storage shelves, a sofa and three tables (big one for food preparation, a coffee table and a tiny end table) and a drawer shelf thingy. I've also got two armchairs on the way. That's about all I've been doing for the past couple of weeks.
I'll also be making some trunks, boxes and other smaller items this Thursday. I'm attending a doll house furniture making class every Thursday until the end of November, so I'm assuming I'll have a full house by then. :D

Here's the cabinet. I got it for 90€ +delivery.

Here's the first thing I made. It's a little rough, but I'm going for the... uhm... rustic look. :p

Here's the first bookshelf. 

A kitchen cabinet. The doors are still missing hinges and handles. I might add something to the back, not sure what yet.

It's a bench sofa thingy. Legs undecided.

Not sure what this thing is, but the little drawers will eventually have handles. Also, this needs some fine tuning still.

A dining table and some wobbly chairs. 

This image is a bit crappy, but I just wanted to show I made some storage shelves as well as the rickety bookshelf.

I'm also making an oven&stove thingy, but I need to fix it some before I can show it. It's currently way too embarrassing...