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March 30, 2006


I just spent several hours fixing Roy's travel gear. He got a new wig (one with a much much smaller ponytail, sidenote: I can now make wigs that have short hair and cost me approximately 50 cents, if that), new vest/jacket thing (he currently wears no shirt, I got bored of the old thing), fixed shorts and a hat that my mom sent (which was actually what inspired me to do the outfit). I've decided not to take pictures because I'm tired and me and Roy are off to Helsinki in a couple of days. Friday morning to be exact. I'll be taking plenty of pictures then, so you'll be seeing plenty the new outfit when I get back.

Those of you, who want to feign interest, it looks a bit like this, except nothing like it really:
And Roy's outfit is of course better. I can say that because I'm biassed (I've got double the ass).

March 29, 2006

Possible change in plans

Though the Igon head is just super sweet, I may have to refrain from actually buying it. I found a smaller doll that might quite possibly make a good Rin, and smaller in this case is better (and cheaper, I might add).
It'll be a DOD Tender (the half-opened eyes version) Too with the long-legged boy body.

So list now reads:

  • Souldoll - P116 eyes

  • Dream of Doll - Tender Too, long-legged body

  • Angelregion - Ren


March 24, 2006

Future acquisitions

I don't recall believing that I would merely buy one doll and that would be it, so here come the future plans! :D
First of all, I found Rin. The head (Gomidoll IGON with half-open eyes) isn't on sale until May and it'll cost me roughly 150 euros to get it home.
Picture here.

But there's more. Since my flatmate is seriously considering buying a doll, and this doll will be modelled after a certain character, I'm obliged to buy my half of that particular RPG (as if I minded XD). And? I already found him (thanks to her)! Excuse me while I make unintelligible squee-noises curled up in a corner. *squees until she's all squeed out*
The doll in question is an Angelregion Ren (click for picture), the first and probably only 44cm doll that looks unavoidably cute, but still so much like sensei, it's eerie. You'll have to stretch your imaginations a bit though, but he'll have glasses and the brown basic BF eyes that came with Roy. Later on, he'll probably have a more yellowish wig, unless I can make that one look more sensei-like.
(In case you were wondering "sensei, who?", check here.)

I also found eyes for Rin. They're the new red eyes from souldoll that look more realistic than all the other red eyes I've seen. I very much like this colour. I would've wanted to order a carrier bag from souldoll while I'm at it, but the minibags are of a HIDEOUS pink colour. -_- So there goes that. I would've bought a full-sized black one (since Rin will be SD), but of course they are sold out. (Which reminds me that Angelregion had a lovely bag on sale, but it was expensive, no make that really expensive!) *sigh* (this coming from me, the same person thinking that Ren is really cheap since it's only $364 *cough*)

Anyway, here's a list (since I like lists):

  • Souldoll P116 eyes for Rin.

  • Gomidoll IGON with half-open eyes in May.

  • Angelregion Basic kit Ren (boy), as soon as I can afford it.

  • Rin's body, which I feel is lethally expensive and will have to wait a bit longer.

All in all, this will cost me over 1000 euros. Whoohoo! \o/
How much of that is on my bank account, you ask? Around 150 euros...
(not to mention that I'm in debt for several thousands of euros as we speak.)
I've applied for a couple of summer jobs, but I really really really need a job. XD
Glad we got that cleared up.
I'm insane, yes. That was all. :3