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January 31, 2006


So, the doll was shipped from Korea today. It will arrive in a couple of days. I also received Roy's eyes today, thanks woodoo! :)
(That was quick, since she sent them yesterday. \o/)

In other news, I told my dad about the doll and what I could tell, he didn't take it well. Which was a bit of a disappointment, since I was rather expecting (or hoping) that he would understand. But such misjudgment on my part is to be expected. I haven't really kept in touch with my dad as well as I probably ought to have, so there are bound to be moments like this. He didn't take it especially badly either, so I should try to be happy. Just that I can kiss goodbye the fun of giving him updates on the subject (which is close to my heart and which I hoped to be able to share). That's all.

My grandma sent a letter and called me the doll's mother. <3 XD
And my mom wants to make clothes for Roy. ^_______^

Roy also got pants. They aren't done yet though, because I'm not entirely sure about the fit and measurements, but I'll finish them along with everything else when he arrives. I found a cute dress I've been meaning to modify for myself (for cosplay stuff probably), but since I doubt that'll ever happen, I decided to use it as material for the doll clothes. There's plenty of white see-through fabric that'll work really well for the cloak thing I was planning to make. That and a lot of elastic cotton, which looks pleasingly lot like cotton, but stretches. Perfect. :D

Anyway, there's a lot I need to do when he arrives, before I can show him off, so I need to plan as much as I can beforehand. Hopefully it won't be too time-consuming (adjusting the clothes, making the wig and taking him apart to switch eyes and maybe look into wiring...) and I'll get to take pictures before the wee-hours of the day. ^^;
There will of course be the traditional arrival pictures, but I'll have to figure out a twist of some sort to make it interesting, or I'll keep them for documenting purposes only. ;D

January 16, 2006


It's not done yet, but since I haven't drawn anything lately, not even up to this point, I thought I'd show.
I might still feel like continuing this until it's done, but right now I'm tired and my neck hurts. ^^;

January 13, 2006

I bought stuff for Roy.

I went shopping and bought material for Roy's wig and shirt. Pictures behind the cut.
I also searched for a big box to put his stuff in, but couldn't find the kind I wanted yet, so I'll have to keep looking.

Image hosted by
Image hosted by
I wanted something easy that didn't require a sewing machine (since I have none) and quick, so I can dress him in something when he arrives. Wouldn't want him to freeze... *^^*

January 10, 2006

Stuff for the boy

Shelf stuffings
Image hosted by

Haha... well, they're my first, so that should explain it. ;)

January 09, 2006

Over-anxious/enthusiastic much?

Dear Jenny
Thank you for purchasing from Blue Fairy on 2006/01/03.
This e-mail is to confirm that we received your payment.
We will process your order shortly.
Please save this information for your own record.

My doll is in the making... my doll is in the making... la la la la laa laa! So it should probably be here around the first week of February. More or less. I can't wait. ^^

In other news, I'll have to try and get his room ready, plus something for him to wear. I'll be busy. :D

January 06, 2006


The eyes were ordered and paid today. And? I've still got some money left on my account so I can pay bills and eat this month. Whoohoo! XD

January 04, 2006

A little about Roy

Roy is a Bluefairy basic Jerome.
Order placed on the 3rd of January, 2006.

He will hopefully have these eyes:

(Soul Doll N-cat 9)

I will make his wig and clothes myself. The wig will be a white fluffy thing with a ponytail at the back (see blog background picture on the right). Clothes I'm planning to make include:
.: Hakama & gi
.: Geta-sandals and tabi-socks
.: Yukata
.: Pyjamas
There will be more, but these are the first few projects. I'm also planning to make a two-coloured wig, dark brown with white roots. We'll see how all of this goes... ^^;

Some randomness:
Name: Ro'da'terath (pronounced much as if it were Finnish)
Nickname: Roy
Age: ~14-15
Relatives: father Khan, mother Nin'yush, two half-siblings Miuran and Suyue.
Likes: Peace and quiet, martial arts, reading, catnip-soap (don't ask), long mornings in bed with Seyrin.
Dislikes: People acting like jackasses, when things don't go his way, the beloved Yuuri, being treated like a little child. (also slightly homo-phobic XD)

First post!

Doll has been ordered. I thought I'd start making things comfortable for him before he gets here.

More info to come.