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April 11, 2011


Haven't done anything much lately, but I guess things are happening behind my back. I did manage to make Roy a new shirt and a hat. Yay. \o/

Roy: Hi, I was asked to show these to you.

Roy: Is that enough now then?
Shira: Uhm, I don't think people can make out what they look like, but if you're in a hurry to do something, go on right ahead. =_=

Roy: Humm dee dum...

Roy: This is mine.
Shira: Uh, right... OK. I didn't buy it for you, but... uh... fine. ^ ^;;

*Scratchety scritchety*

*scritchety scratchety*

Roy: That's enough of that tom-foolery...!
Shira: o_o

Roy: Hehe... teehee... hee..

Roy: "Miltä mahtaa hiiren peppu tuoksahtaa?" Famous poem by a famous Finnish poet!
Shira: You just made that up though, right? O_O;

*shuffle shuffle*

Roy: Drrrrnnnnnn drrrrnnnnnn, meoooww~!

Roy: ?

Roy: HA! Gotcha!

Roy: Hmmm?


Roy: What are you looking at? This is legitimate exercise!

*shuffly shuffle shuffle*

Roy: Haah, haah, there, caught me prey!
Shira: Are you done now...? ^ ^;

A little later:

*kitty batteries drained*

Roy: Hrrnnn... hh.... =_=

Shira: ...Pssht, Roy? Are you going to sleep there...? You should go to bed if you're tired, the cats might like to play there too you know...

Roy: ...? Hrrnn... hmmm!


Let's not disturb the sleepy kitten... :'D


Shira: Roy, where are you looking at...? ^ ^;;;

Shira: That's still the wrong way. X'D

Roy: Me and Rin here are going out for a date!
Shira: Uhm, have you been at the nip again? I hate to break this to you, but that's not Rin... :P

This is the amount of cat hair procured from the premises before the shoot. XD