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March 18, 2012

Packing them tightly and giving them a little shake at the back of my bike.

Next Tuesday I'll be heading to Merkkari with a couple of dolls with me to show the kids. (Merkkari is a local junior high school where I'm currently interning as an assistant language teacher.) I'm thinking I'll try to haul Khan over since he usually wins over the people who have any inclination of liking dolls. I still haven't decided if I'm taking Seba because two big lads may be a bit too much weight to carry comfortably. (Especially when I only have one proper carrier bag for the big dolls.) So I'll probably have to make due with Vincent, one of the MSDs and the tinies Pope and Ernest. I don't think very many people read this blog, so I probably won't be getting much of a response... But if any of you have suggestions, please suggest. There's a list of my dolls at the profile page. 

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