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April 04, 2006

Trip to Helsinki - Part I

Roy on a train for the first time.

Shira: Roy is taking in the view at the glorious city of Seinäjoki... -_-;
Roy: I really couldn't care less.

Shira: So, are you having fun?
Roy: Not as such. I thought it was going to do loops or something, but this is just boring.
Shira: We're moving at 160km/h. You've never been on a vehicle that goes that fast.
Roy: I've never been on a vehicle. It's cold here.

Shira: Sissy.
Roy: It's much better this way. But... I think...

Roy:'d better pass me one of those bags soon. I think I'm going to hurl.
Shira: Aww... poor thing. What was that you said about loops before...?
Roy: *hurls*

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日本語でもコメントを置いては大丈夫です。私は書くのが苦手ですが、大体分かりますよ〜! 質問があれば是非訊いてくださいね。 ^ ^

Suomeksikin saa tottakai kommentoida! (Jos jokin ihmetyttää, kysy ihmeessä.) :3

Ni kan lämna frågor eller kommentarer på svenska också. :D