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April 04, 2006

Trip to Helsinki - Part IV

On Monday I went to see a Japanese garden with my friend Piia, who was kind enough to carry my coat and doll bag while I took pictures. :)
The entry only cost a euro, so I recommend seeing it. Directions and more information can be found at their site. (They also sell a lot of different types of bonsai trees and other plants there!) [/ad]
The pictures could've been better, but I once again ran out of batteries and had to hurry to get as many shots as I could. ^^;

Japanese Garden
Shira: First view. It was very pretty there (and very warm and humid too).

Japanese Garden
Shira: I love how most of the trees were Roy's size.
Roy: I love how most of the trees were... hey! -_-

Japanese Garden
Shira: It's the time of year when the trees are in bloom, so you really should hurry to see it. :)

Japanese Garden
Shira: A deer scare.
Roy: This is getting boring. Where are all the pictures of me?
Shira: ^^;

Japanese Garden
Shira: Here's Roy in front of a tree in front of the tea room... no.. behind the tea room... well, in the vicinity of the tea room.
Roy: I'm standing in front of a tree. Yay.

Japanese Garden
Shira: Roy is being a cute little tree-hugger. :D
Roy: *displeased mumble*

Japanese Garden
Shira: You like trees, right?
Roy: Yeah sure. They're exotic... -_-;

Japanese Garden
Shira: You spent a good while sitting there, didn't you?
Roy: Yes, because you made me. Remember?

Japanese Garden
Roy: I also sat on a goddamn rock.
Shira: But it looked cute!
Roy: Yeah, whatever. -_-
Shira: Angsty teen.
Roy: Old maid.

Japanese Garden
Roy: Yay, look at me. I live in a bamboo forest!
Shira: Eh?

Japanese Garden
Shira: Let's cut back to the flowers. Very pretty flowers...
Roy: No! More pictures of me! ME!

Japanese Garden
Shira: OK, OK. What's with you today?
Roy: *beams happily* This is me with Koi! Get it? I'm with Koi! XD

Japanese Garden
Shira: Yes, koi. Very nice fish.
Roy: Don't forget me.

Japanese Garden
Shira: This is where you insisted we steal that tree and take it home.
Roy: But it was the perfect size!
Shira: I'll get you a bonsai one day, I promise. Just not right now when I'm low on cash. ^^;

Japanese Garden
Shira: That was a really nice bridge. And I'm glad the picture turned out OK, even if this is one of the last pictures before the camera died.
Roy: Yeah, nevermind my constant fear of being kicked into that damn pond and be eaten by those sharks.
Shira: Koi.
Roy: Where?

Japanese Garden
Shira: But you didn't fall, so all is well.
Roy: I'm scarred for life. Thanks a bunch. -_-

Japanese Garden
Shira: "OK, I've had it with this place. Let's go home."
Roy: Did I say that?
Shira: Yes. You were pretty adamant about it too. -_-
Roy: Well, it's to be expected after a life-threatening experience like this..!

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  1. There is so beautiful! And Roy looks so handsome. ^^ I bet you two had great time there. ^^

    I just had to comment here, I usually don't. But he looks good. :)


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