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March 30, 2006


I just spent several hours fixing Roy's travel gear. He got a new wig (one with a much much smaller ponytail, sidenote: I can now make wigs that have short hair and cost me approximately 50 cents, if that), new vest/jacket thing (he currently wears no shirt, I got bored of the old thing), fixed shorts and a hat that my mom sent (which was actually what inspired me to do the outfit). I've decided not to take pictures because I'm tired and me and Roy are off to Helsinki in a couple of days. Friday morning to be exact. I'll be taking plenty of pictures then, so you'll be seeing plenty the new outfit when I get back.

Those of you, who want to feign interest, it looks a bit like this, except nothing like it really:
And Roy's outfit is of course better. I can say that because I'm biassed (I've got double the ass).


  1. I'll be eagerly waiting for pics!

  2. Aww and I hope you will post some pics when you come home ^__^ And I hope you and Roy will have a great time in Helsinki!


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