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December 04, 2012

Progress Report - Walls and floors

So, finally the walls and floors are done, the glue is still drying though. I'm hoping to make some lanterns tonight and maybe a coffee grinder too. It's already pretty late so I don't think I'll get much done, but I'm running out of time so I'll have to squeeze in what I can. Tomorrow's relatively free so I'll try to get the rest done then. Wall hangings and plants and small items like that take surprisingly lot of time. 
On Wednesday there's the December fair at the market place, so I'm going to head out to see what's there, but I'll have to try to use that evening to start planning and shooting the stories. There's just Thursday and Friday to get all that done, edit the pictures too, because there's going to be a big Christmas fair on Saturday and Sunday and I want to go see it. It won't take the whole day, but I expect it's going to be tiring... I want to be done on Monday, but the very latest date everything just has to be done is on the 13th. I'd really like the Monday though...  

Heh, evidently my writing is still pretty crappy from having participated in Nano again this year. It was very very tiring and it'll take time to recover. I have no idea how I'll be able to get everything written properly what with my head such a mush. Ooogh, crappy sentences...! D:

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