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January 31, 2006


So, the doll was shipped from Korea today. It will arrive in a couple of days. I also received Roy's eyes today, thanks woodoo! :)
(That was quick, since she sent them yesterday. \o/)

In other news, I told my dad about the doll and what I could tell, he didn't take it well. Which was a bit of a disappointment, since I was rather expecting (or hoping) that he would understand. But such misjudgment on my part is to be expected. I haven't really kept in touch with my dad as well as I probably ought to have, so there are bound to be moments like this. He didn't take it especially badly either, so I should try to be happy. Just that I can kiss goodbye the fun of giving him updates on the subject (which is close to my heart and which I hoped to be able to share). That's all.

My grandma sent a letter and called me the doll's mother. <3 XD
And my mom wants to make clothes for Roy. ^_______^

Roy also got pants. They aren't done yet though, because I'm not entirely sure about the fit and measurements, but I'll finish them along with everything else when he arrives. I found a cute dress I've been meaning to modify for myself (for cosplay stuff probably), but since I doubt that'll ever happen, I decided to use it as material for the doll clothes. There's plenty of white see-through fabric that'll work really well for the cloak thing I was planning to make. That and a lot of elastic cotton, which looks pleasingly lot like cotton, but stretches. Perfect. :D

Anyway, there's a lot I need to do when he arrives, before I can show him off, so I need to plan as much as I can beforehand. Hopefully it won't be too time-consuming (adjusting the clothes, making the wig and taking him apart to switch eyes and maybe look into wiring...) and I'll get to take pictures before the wee-hours of the day. ^^;
There will of course be the traditional arrival pictures, but I'll have to figure out a twist of some sort to make it interesting, or I'll keep them for documenting purposes only. ;D

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  1. Oh hey would you send me your address via Hartsilapset? so I could send you the patterns ^^ I've forgotten it. I'm so sorry! I try to post them tomorrow.

    Whee that's so great that he is on is way home! I'm so happy for you!


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