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January 04, 2006

A little about Roy

Roy is a Bluefairy basic Jerome.
Order placed on the 3rd of January, 2006.

He will hopefully have these eyes:

(Soul Doll N-cat 9)

I will make his wig and clothes myself. The wig will be a white fluffy thing with a ponytail at the back (see blog background picture on the right). Clothes I'm planning to make include:
.: Hakama & gi
.: Geta-sandals and tabi-socks
.: Yukata
.: Pyjamas
There will be more, but these are the first few projects. I'm also planning to make a two-coloured wig, dark brown with white roots. We'll see how all of this goes... ^^;

Some randomness:
Name: Ro'da'terath (pronounced much as if it were Finnish)
Nickname: Roy
Age: ~14-15
Relatives: father Khan, mother Nin'yush, two half-siblings Miuran and Suyue.
Likes: Peace and quiet, martial arts, reading, catnip-soap (don't ask), long mornings in bed with Seyrin.
Dislikes: People acting like jackasses, when things don't go his way, the beloved Yuuri, being treated like a little child. (also slightly homo-phobic XD)

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