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October 15, 2013

Progress Report - Treehouse Parts

Not sure if this is informative at all, but here are some of the pieces of the treehouse I'm building. The next step is to apply some wood stain to the sticks there on the right as they'll be used as cladding. I spent today's class sanding the edges so that they'll look at least a little bit like hewn logs once I glue them on.
I've got the PMMA for the windows ready (I just need to fit it once I've stained everything), but I need to make the doors too... That's going to be tricky. I should have hinges lying around somewhere, but I have no idea where they are... Once all the cladding is on, as well as the windows and the window frames and doors, I'll finally be able to glue it all together. Then all that's left are the porch, the chimney and the roof tiles, and of course the tree itself along with some stairs. It's pretty far from being finished, but I wanted to show you I'm making progress, even if it's slow.

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