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February 07, 2006

Introducing Ro'da'terath

Image quality somewhat bad because I'm tired. ^^;
(And they're big.)

Image hosting by Photobucket
Shira: Ready to start?
Roy: I guess. But my hair's a mess, so you should fix it...

Image hosting by Photobucket
Roy: Stop pointing that thing at me when I'm bald. -_-
Shira: Sour puss. You have a perfectly nice head. Shame to cover it up with a white rug.
Roy: Hey! T_T

Image hosting by Photobucket
Roy: Why are you taking so many pictures? Who are you going to show them to?
Shira: Just some friends. Don't worry about it. ^^;

Image hosting by Photobucket
Side profile! Whoohoo.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Standing. Oh yes, very interesting.
Shira: You look like a girly girl! A bride!
Roy: Oh, grow up. -_-

Image hosting by Photobucket
Roy: I don't want to pose anymore. I'm tired.
Shira: Shhht. Don't move. That looks good. ^___^

Image hosting by Photobucket
Roy: OK, that's enough. Get out of my face already. -_-;
Shira: ^^;;

Sorry about the poor quality of this post. I swore I'd do my best to make something that's worth watching, but I guess that'll have to wait until the weekend when I have more time to fix the lighting and props. :)


  1. woodooferret07/02/2006, 19:24

    holyy!! he loooks simply fabulous! :0

    I love those eyes on him, and the white hair and the whole looks just looks so good when seeing it live. And those hand-wrappings are hot. (don't ask xD)
    whoo!! So happy to hear he's finally home (poor boi all jetlagged. *pets*). Congratsulationsss!! *throws confetti* :D
    he's so pretty. *luw*

    Adrian: well, hello, nice boy. *__* *wink*
    Eliel: *SIGH* not again...>_>

  2. He looks nice. White hair is smexy, mmm~ The lighting makes him look tanned <3

  3. Roy: Ooh, pretty boy, but alas, I'm already taken. I'll have to ask Rin first... *lecherous grin*

    Shira: O_O; I swear, it's not my fault...!
    Khiitosh khommentishta. <3

  4. Aaah, ohh, aaah, gorgeous, what a character he is becoming! *wipes of the blood ketchup splatter of the screen*

  5. I love how different he looks from other Jerome's, it must be the hair, scar and the eyes. (DUHH, noo reeallyy? *smart smart girl*)
    I love the picture of him lying on his face, the shape of the lip looks really pretty... <3

  6. I love the lip too. It's the bit that caught my eye in that particular pic. :3

  7. He is so cute. O_o gee how different does all the Jeromes look. Those eyes and the wig are just purrrrrfect! The scar is really neat.

    Tobias: Hello ^^ I didn't like the travelling that much either. :3
    Tiffany: This boy looks slightly familiar *-* (is allll clueless XD)


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